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Nicotine Solution - 100mg Liter

Nicotine Solution - 100mg Liter

Product Review (submitted on August 11, 2013):
I have been buying nic from one vendor for about 2 years, but due to them growing so fast and not being able to keep up with orders, I had to find a new source. One source I paid $120 and got some pink stuff with a little smell to it, then I found Heartland vapes from a friend on Facebook and figured, what the heck, for the price, I would give it a shot and test it out and if decent, it would hold me over. Well, Ordered a liter of 100mg and received it really quick. Cool little radiator bottle that I was not used to, but well, it's only a container right? Well, it turns out that little radiator bottle lets less air in the bottle each time you open it, it makes it much easier to pour into a beaker and no spilling.
The nic is very clear with a very slight tinge to it and tested out at approx. 99.3mg/ml which is outstanding in my opinion.

So, in conclusion, I have found a second source if not an alternate first source for my eliquids. Taste is important when making your juices, having nic with a nasty taste or harsh is not a plus! This nic, is what people who care about flavor use!
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